Why Windows 10?

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So Anil Dash figured out why Windows is skipping from 8 to 10: Bad programmers everywhere.

It turns out that people who write programs that aren’t compatible with Windows 95 or 98 write code to throw an exception and stop their programs from running on those old systems. Only they’re not checking for the OS’s version numbers, they’re checking to see if the OS name starts with “Windows 9” to lazily cover both 95 and 98. Oops.

via: https://twitter.com/anildash/status/517430018889490432

Cubemen mostly succeeds with new take on tower defense

July 13 Comments Off on Cubemen mostly succeeds with new take on tower defense Category: Feed, Games, Nightmare Mode

Cubemen’s aggressively simple design combined with clever manipulations of traditional genre mechanics creates play that is fun, but slightly too long.

The game presents the player with three game types. Each revolves around a variety of three-dimensional levels, two or more spawn points, and the titular cubemen, voxel-style humanoids with access to a variety of weapons and color coding.

Units within the game are split between two classes. The first are your soldiers, units purchased with the game’s currency that fall into the standard Tower Defense types, including slowing units, morters, flamethrowers and the rest. The second type are spawned cubemen, who are created automatically by enemy spawn points in the Defense gametype and by both sides’ spawns in Skirmish and Mayhem modes.

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