Blogging Back, Looking Forward

January 30 0 Comments Category: UPIU

Obama’s first full week in office will be over in three days. I wish I was more impressed. When I started blogging here I was absolutely thrilled that Obama had won. I am a self-identified liberal and though I was never as happy with Obama as a candidate as the general populace, I did vote for him. […]

Is Obama Stimulating Failure?

January 09 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

Image via Flickr by Rachael Dickson. More news about Obama’s stimulus package is constantly leaking out from the President-elect’s associates. The more news I get, the more I wonder, where exactly is this change I was promised? Obama’s plan to build the economy is conventional, at best. The economy continues to fall and it sees unlikely that Obama’s plan […]

Geithner’s Problem is Not Taxes, But Does it Matter?

January 09 0 Comments Category: The Economy, UPIU

  Image via Wikipedia While Timothy Geithner’s tax issues are troubling, the real issue is not what he was doing when he was filing with the IRS, but what he was doing when working for the Fed on Wall Street. Let’s get the obvious issues out of the way first. Geithner’s tax problems are severely troubling. […]

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