Uber Needs More Than ‘Leadership Help’ for Its Boss

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“Not to put too fine a point on it, but Kalanick is a first-class jerk. And the company he founded — and, to give him his due, built into a ride-hauling juggernaut — pretty much takes its cues from the boss. Remember when Kalanick gave an interview to GQ magazine and said the company might as well be called “Boob-er” because he was now so desirable to women? Or how about the way the Uber staff used to mess with its chief competitor Lyft by calling for Lyft rides and then canceling them? Or the time an Uber executive used its technology to track a Buzzfeed reporter’s ride without permission? Or the technological tricks the company reportedly uses to deceive the authorities in cities around the world?”

Companies aren’t usually punished for the character flaws of executives. Travis Kalanick is different.

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