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“With Trump now having declared war on the mainstream media, Jones views himself as the journalistic avant-garde. Some in Washington fear his dark way of thinking will affect policymaking. When Trump recently fantasized about millions of illegal votes and accused the press of insufficiently reporting on terrorist attacks, it was Alex Jones that many could hear in those words. He was one of the first to spread these theories. The same applies to the scientifically unsupportable claim, in which Trump believes, that vaccines lead to autism. […]

“‘Elitists may laugh at his politics,’ Stone says, but ‘Alex Jones is reaching millions of people, and they are the foot soldiers in the Trump revolution.'”

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones is America’s top conspiracy theorist. He has millions of listeners, but his most powerful one happens to be the president of the United States. DER SPIEGEL takes you inside his media empire in Austin.

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