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Move Over, Series Of Tubes, The Internet Is Now A Bridge Over A Creek For A Dozen People?

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“Net neutrality is about how massive, giant internet access providing monopolists and duopolists want to double dip and double charge for the value provided at the endpoints, rather than being satisfied with getting paid for the value they provide in connecting the end points. The issue has nothing to do with millions of people rushing […]

‘Missing Richard Simmons,’ the Morally Suspect Podcast

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“The relationship between journalists and subjects shouldn’t be confused with friendship. Journalists have power over their subjects and a responsibility to try to minimize harm. But Mr. Taberski leverages his claim to friendship to reverse the equation, arguing instead that it’s Mr. Simmons who has the responsibility to speak to him, and to explain himself […]

Dutch Vote Watched Across Europe With a Finger in the Wind

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“Professors, pollsters and others who closely watch elections emphasize that, at least in the Netherlands, the far right is not going to win or control the government — or even come close — not least because the other right-leaning parties have promised publicly not to work with Mr. Wilders in a coalition. “That has not […]

Ban on Head Scarves at Work Is Legal, E.U. Court Rules

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“In its ruling, the European Court of Justice found that company regulations banning “the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign” did not constitute direct discrimination — so long as such prohibitions applied to religious garb from all faiths, a requirement that legal experts say could also encompass a Sikh turban and a […]

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