What We Lose When We Give Awards to Men Like Casey Affleck

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“An Oscar doesn’t come with nuclear launch codes. But it is grim confirmation of an all-too-common pattern. An Oscar provides an invaluable career boost; Affleck will probably get more roles, better roles, and more name recognition as the result of the award. As he becomes increasingly successful, he will become increasingly untouchable; meaning, if the allegations are true, that the women he’s victimized will have less and less chance to be heard. That’s not just damaging to the individuals involved here, but to all women who find themselves victimized by powerful men. […]

“Keeping great male “artists” around while they endanger their female coworkers isn’t only unjust, it actively lowers the numbers of great female artists by creating a workplace in which women are primarily valued for their ability to accommodate and ingratiate themselves to sexist men, and not for their actual talents.

“The problem with Affleck or Gibson or Polanski or Allen winning awards isn’t just that it’s unfair. It’s that someone else could be getting them. Someone else could be standing on that stage—maybe even holding that Best Director trophy, which, to date, only one woman has ever done. By endlessly forgiving and validating abusive men, we tell women that the abuse they suffer is less important than some white guy’s right to get his point of view across. We lose those women’s stories, and their art, because we’ve told them they don’t count.”

By forgiving abusive men, we tell women that their abuse is less important than some guy’s right to get his point of view across.

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