Unlocking media riches in esports

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“Imagine if the NFL let several broadcasters air a basic, low-definition feed of games for free, but the league focused all of its technical and business energy on a single platform, either one it owned or chose via bidding. Or, more directly on point: Think of esports distribution like free-download video games that make money only off digital enhancements after you’ve already started playing.

“Properties and streamers think that could be the ticket to making money off viewers who are willing to pay, while not shutting off growth and reach. It could also be a path toward eventual exclusivity, if fan reaction is positive.”

Game publishers, tournament organizers and teams are searching for the best way to maximize value, exposure. Photo by: RIOT GAMES Esports might appear confusing and tumultuous to newcomers, but investors’ rationale is straightforward: No one is yet making as much money as they could be on pro

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