Trump Looks Ready to Outdo ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ Obama

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“Last week’s raids—along with new data on the enforcement surge that ICE released Monday afternoon—show that things are changing, and fast. On Jan. 25, the president signed an executive order that gave ICE’s top brass radically different directions as to whom they should target for deportation. Instead of focusing on people with criminal convictions, the executive order directed them to detain people suspected of breaking any state or federal law, including immigration laws. A number of analysts have concluded that this means more than 8 million undocumented immigrants are now top priority for deportation […]

“Secretary John Kelly, who heads DHS, released a statement on Feb. 13 saying about 75 percent of the people apprehended had been convicted of crimes. That, of course, means that about 170 of the people arrested last week didn’t have criminal convictions. And this is new.”

ICE agents rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants in an ‘enforcement surge’—and they appear to be casting a wider net than before.

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