Republicans Launch Attempt To Repeal Endangered Species Act

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“‘[The] callous attack on this crucial environmental law is totally out of step with the strong majority of Americans who support the Endangered Species Act. Without the Act we wouldn’t have bald eagles, grizzly bears or many other wildlife species we all cherish.’

“The Endangered Species Act was unanimously approved by Congress and signed into law by President Nixon in 1973 to save the bald eagle. Since then, according to the CBD, it has saved 99 percent of the species listed under its protection from extinction. It is estimated that without the Act, 227 species would have gone extinct by 2006. Under the last administration, 32 species were confirmed as fully or partially recovered, with another 12 species proposed as recovered.”

Today, Senate Republicans are holding a hearing to find out how best to repeal the Endangered Species Act. Republican lawmakers have wanted to “modernize”

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