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Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder withdraws nomination

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“He came under fire from Democrats concerned about his labor practices as CEO of a company that hires mostly low-wage workers and growing concern among Republicans because of his checkered personal past and his hiring of an undocumented worker in his home.” Andy Puzder, President Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, is expected to withdraw […]

Opinion | Michael Flynn is gone and everything is fine, just fine, great

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“‘Inadvertently briefed with incomplete information.’ I wish there were a shorter way of saying that. Is there another word for when you mean to tell someone something completely true that did happen, but instead you mistakenly tell them something different? Not fake news. That is for liberals. Not alternative facts. Those are just true. There’s […]

Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials during campaign

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“Officials emphasized that communications between campaign staff and representatives of foreign governments are not unusual. However, these communications stood out to investigators due to the frequency and the level of the Trump advisers involved. Investigators have not reached a judgment on the intent of those conversations. “Adding to US investigators’ concerns were intercepted communications between […]

Why I don’t want to hear any of your shit in defense of Nazis. – Indivisible

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“That’s a great thing to establish right away. Your right to do whatever you want isn’t more important than my right to live my life without hate crimes being organized against me. You’re not allowed to organize attacks on the government. You’re not allowed to lie about a fire in a crowded building. You aren’t […]

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