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Eichenwald: Neil Gorsuch is supremely qualified, and must not be confirmed

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This is a meh article, but this is a good point: “The Republicans cannot be allowed to reap the rewards of unprincipled obstructionism that sets a precedent that will destroy the last remnant of our country’s constitutional credibility. They cannot wing it—that a court doesn’t have enough work to justify the number of judges it […]

Corporate lawyers prepare for battle over Trump’s travel ban

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“Involvement of large law firms shows that it is not just non-profit organisations that are willing to fight the government over the ban, but some of the most deep-pocketed corporate lawyers. […] “Lawyers also fear a constitutional crisis if Trump orders federal agents to disobey court orders staying the removal of the detainees. That fear […]

Woman wins “Nobel Prize of mathematics” for first time in history

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“Mirzakhani’s accomplishment is all the more groundbreaking in light of the well-documented disadvantages and biases women face in math and science. According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are no significant biological differences that could explain women’s low representation in STEM academic faculty and leadership positions (although that doesn’t stop prominent people from making […]

1,000 bodegas are going on strike tomorrow to protest Trump

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This article was from yesterday, so in case you are wondering why your favorite bodegas are closed today, the answer is Donald Trump. Yemeni bodega owners are planning a citywide strike tomorrow to protest Trump’s Muslim ban. Stock up on BECs while you can. via Facebook through IFTTT

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