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THE EXPANSE | Season 1 Recap: With Cats (Recat!)

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You ready for tonight? Yaaaay! Epic space action, complicated relatable characters, and … adorable cats. See what made Season 1 of The Expanse so amazing, as told through cute kitties. S… via Facebook through IFTTT

The Gig Economy and its Discontents

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Considering questions about Uber and labor law are taking an even more significant role in the national discussion, I think it would be good to re-share my detailed examination of the gig economy. “It is not at all clear that society is prepared for the fallout from this radical shift to a contingent — or […]

Family of Syrians Deported From Philadelphia Voted for Trump

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“America is not America, […] Like ISIS now, they ask, ‘Are you Christian? What do you believe?’ And if they are not saying what they believe, they kick you out and they cut your head off. So America, same thing. They ask you are you Muslim? You’ve got to change your religion. Thank you.” An […]

Chinese grandpa fatally shot while playing Pokemon Go

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“Jiansheng Chen was sitting in his minivan, playing the popular augmented reality game on his smartphone late Thursday in Chesapeake’s River Walk community when he was confronted by a security guard. According to police, an altercation ensued, and the guard fired his gun at the car several times, killing Chen. “The security guard is an […]

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