Blogging Back, Looking Forward

January 30 0 Comments Category: UPIU

000000;">Obama’s first full week in office will be over in three days. I wish I was more impressed.

000000;">When I started blogging here I was absolutely thrilled that Obama had won. I am a self-identified liberal and though I was never as happy with Obama as a candidate as the general populace, I did vote for him.

000000;">When I put my finger to the screen I did so thinking that the worst that I might see was a mediocre education policy, weakening of our alliance with Israel, and a continuance of Biden’s apparent alliance with the RIAA and ISPs. Like many others at that point, I didn’t see what was coming. Even if I had known, I still would have supported Obama.

000000;">Then I started to take on economic issues in this blog and almost every single post has left me more troubled then before. Obama’s appointees, including the now approved Geithner; the scent of the old political pay-to-play tendencies among his staff, not to mention Richardson; the lack of thought towards decreasing the national debt; his support of the bailout and retention of Bailout Bernanke. All of these decisions have troubled me as I came to know more about them.

000000;">I didn’t come into Obama’s win expecting The Change, but I expected better than this. The new president has indeed made some excellent moves in his first week, but none have sufficiently addressed our national and personal economic woes. A year ago, I might have dismissed this as a lesser issue. However, I’ve come to realize that whether you think the invisible hand is feeling you up or not, the economy’s state is at the core of most of our other problems.

000000;">In short, fixing the rest of the nation means fixing the economy first, and no amount of legislation on other topics is going to change that.

000000;">When Obama came here to launch his campaign at George Mason University, two years ago next week, I was excited. I believed in him then, more so than any other candidate.

000000;">Now though, I worry about what is to come. Our nation is in one of the most precarious situations in history and I’m not sure that anything is being done to help.

000000;">Mr. President, I trusted you once, but now you are going to have to work hard to win that belief back.


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