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beesandbombs: cube spikes

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cube spikes

amiagoodperson: bar waves

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bar waves

Starships! from bironic on Vimeo.For Club Vivid 2012. Details…

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Starships! from bironic on Vimeo.

For Club Vivid 2012. Details & embed at Now cross-posted to YouTube at

Sources include: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien/Aliens, Apollo 13, Archer, Battlestar Galactica (2004-8), Cocoon, Community, Doctor Who (2005-), Dune, Farscape, The Fifth Element, Firefly/Serenity, Forbidden Planet, Futurama, Galaxy Quest, Independence Day, The Muppet Show, Odyssey 5, Planet of the Apes (1968), Spaceballs, Star Trek (TOS, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager; movies II, IV, VII, VIII and XI/Reboot), Star Wars IV & V, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Sunshine, Superman (1978), Toy Story 2, Virtuality, WALL-E.

NOTE, APR 2013: Since comments have been coming in about being sad or irritated that a particular movie or show wasn’t included in the vid – I agree with you! This vid was made in a week and a half of evenings and weekends for a con deadline; words cannot describe the scramble to get enough source, and up to the last minute, I was still trying to get more clips and was tugging at my hair about how there’s no Babylon 5/Red Dwarf/Andromeda/etc., not to mention anime and other non-Western source. If there’d been more time, there would have been more breadth.

“Representation and diversity in comics is something that’s important to me, and I also think it just…”

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“Representation and diversity in comics is something that’s important to me, and I also think it just makes a more realistic universe when you’re constructing a brand-new world and you want it to feel authentic. Most of the people on Earth are not white. Why would this galaxy be?”

Saga and Raising Hazel.

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